SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
TWebPg Member List

This is the complete list of members for TWebPg, including all inherited members.

GetFetchMSecs() const TWebPginline
GetHttpBodyAsStr() const TWebPginline
GetHttpHdStr() const TWebPginline
GetHttpResp() const TWebPginline
GetIpNum(const int &IpN=-1) const TWebPginline
GetIps() const TWebPginline
GetOutDescUrlStrKdV(TStrKdV &OutDescUrlStrKdV) const TWebPg
GetOutUrlV(TUrlV &OutUrlV, TUrlV &OutRedirUrlV) const TWebPg
GetOutUrlV(TUrlV &OutUrlV) const TWebPginline
GetUrl(const int &UrlN=-1) const TWebPginline
GetUrls() const TWebPginline
GetUrlStr(const int &UrlN=-1) const TWebPginline
IsTxt() const TWebPg
Load(TSIn &)TWebPginlinestatic
New(const TStrV &UrlStrV, const TStrV &IpNumV, const PHttpResp &HttpResp)TWebPginlinestatic
New(const TStrV &UrlStrV, const PHttpResp &HttpResp)TWebPginlinestatic
New(const TStr &UrlStr, const PHttpResp &HttpResp)TWebPginlinestatic
operator=(const TWebPg &)TWebPginline
PutFetchMSecs(const uint64 &_FetchMSecs)TWebPginline
Save(TSOut &)TWebPginline
SaveAsHttp(const TStr &FNm) const TWebPg
SaveAsHttpBody(const TStr &FNm) const TWebPg
TPt< TWebPg > classTWebPgfriend
TWebPg(const TStrV &_UrlStrV, const TStrV &_IpNumV, const PHttpResp &_HttpResp)TWebPginline
TWebPg(TSIn &)TWebPginline