SNAP Library 6.0, Developer Reference  2020-12-09 16:24:20
SNAP, a general purpose, high performance system for analysis and manipulation of large networks
TUrlEnv Member List

This is the complete list of members for TUrlEnv, including all inherited members.

AddKeyVal(const TStr &KeyNm, const TStr &ValStr)TUrlEnvinline
AddToKeyVal(const TStr &KeyNm, const TStr &ValStr)TUrlEnvinline
Empty() const TUrlEnvinline
GetBaseUrlStr() const TUrlEnvinline
GetFullUrlStr() const TUrlEnv
GetKeyN(const TStr &KeyNm) const TUrlEnvinline
GetKeyNm(const int &KeyN) const TUrlEnvinline
GetKeys() const TUrlEnvinline
GetVal(const int &KeyN, const int &ValN=0) const TUrlEnvinline
GetVal(const TStr &KeyNm, const int &ValN=0, const TStr &DfVal="") const TUrlEnvinline
GetVals(const int &KeyN) const TUrlEnvinline
GetVals(const TStr &KeyNm) const TUrlEnvinline
IsKey(const TStr &KeyNm) const TUrlEnvinline
Load(TSIn &SIn)TUrlEnvinlinestatic
MkClone(const PUrlEnv &UrlEnv)TUrlEnvstatic
New(const TStr &BaseUrlStr, const TStr &KeyNm1=TStr(), const TStr &ValStr1=TStr(), const TStr &KeyNm2=TStr(), const TStr &ValStr2=TStr(), const TStr &KeyNm3=TStr(), const TStr &ValStr3=TStr(), const TStr &KeyNm4=TStr(), const TStr &ValStr4=TStr())TUrlEnvinlinestatic
operator=(const TUrlEnv &Env)TUrlEnvinline
PutBaseUrlStr(const TStr &_BaseUrlStr)TUrlEnvinline
Save(TSOut &SOut)TUrlEnvinline
TPt< TUrlEnv > classTUrlEnvfriend
TUrlEnv(const TUrlEnv &UrlEnv)TUrlEnvinline
TUrlEnv(TSIn &SIn)TUrlEnvinline