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Amazon product co-purchasing network and ground-truth communities

Dataset information

Network was collected by crawling Amazon website. It is based on Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought feature of the Amazon website. If a product i is frequently co-purchased with product j, the graph contains an undirected edge from i to j. Each product category provided by Amazon defines each ground-truth community.

We regard each connected component in a product category as a separate ground-truth community. We remove the ground-truth communities which have less than 3 nodes. We also provide the top 5,000 communities with highest quality which are described in our paper. As for the network, we provide the largest connected component.

Dataset statistics
Nodes 334863
Edges 925872
Nodes in largest WCC 334863 (1.000)
Edges in largest WCC 925872 (1.000)
Nodes in largest SCC 334863 (1.000)
Edges in largest SCC 925872 (1.000)
Average clustering coefficient 0.3967
Number of triangles 667129
Fraction of closed triangles 0.07925
Diameter (longest shortest path) 44
90-percentile effective diameter 15

Source (citation)


File Description
com-amazon.ungraph.txt.gz Undirected Amazon product co-purchasing network
com-amazon.all.dedup.cmty.txt.gz Amazon communities
com-amazon.top5000.cmty.txt.gz Amazon communities (Top 5,000)