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This webpage is intended for electronic submissions of your code for homework assignments. Put all your code for a single homework question into a single file (don't worry if it does not compile) and submit it.

Enter your data in the form below and click the submit button to upload your file. Only the last version of the file you upload will be saved.

Go here to check to see if your submission has been successfully uploaded (this will show you all of the code you have uploaded for this class).

Please submit your code under your SUNetID (e.g. jtysu), not your numerical SUID (e.g. 01234567). Otherwise we may not be able to find your code.


If you don't have a SUNetID use <your_legal_last_name>_<your_legal_first_name>, so if your last name was Smith and your first name was John, you would use smith_john.



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