LoadPajek(GraphType, InFNm)

Loads a GraphType from Pajek .PAJ format file from the filename in InFNm. Function supports both the 1 edge per line (<source> <destination> <weight>) as well as the 1 node per line (<source> <destination1> <destination2> ...) formats.


  • GraphType: graph class (input)

    Class of output graph – one of PNGraph, PNEANet, or PUNGraph.

  • InFNm: string (input)

    Filename with the description of the graph edges.

Return value:

  • graph

    A Snap.py graph or a network represented by the InFNm of type GraphType.

For more information on the Pajek format see: http://pajek.imfm.si/doku.php

The following example shows how to load a Pajek file:

import snap

output = open("example.paj", "w")
output.write("""*Vertices      9
   1 "1"    0.3034    0.7561
   2 "2"    0.4565    0.6039
   3 "3"    0.4887    0.8188
    1      2       1
    1      3       1
    2      3       1

Graph = snap.LoadPajek(snap.PNGraph, 'example.paj')
for NI in Graph.Nodes():
    print NI.GetId()

UGraph = snap.LoadPajek(snap.PUNGraph, 'example.paj')
for NI in UGraph.Nodes():
    print NI.GetId()

Network = snap.LoadPajek(snap.PNEANet, 'example.paj')
for NI in Network.Nodes():
    print NI.GetId()

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