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GetNodeTriads(Graph, NId, GroupSet, InGroupEdges, InOutGroupEdges, OutGroupEdges)


This function is not yet supported.

Returns the number of triads between a node NId and a subset of its neighbors GroupSet


  • Graph: graph (input)

    A graph or a network

  • NId: int (input)

    Id of the node

  • GroupSet: set (input)

    A subset of its neighbors of node NId

  • InGroupEdges: int (output)

    Number of triads (NId, G1, G2), where G1 and G2 are in GroupSet

  • InOutGroupEdges: int (output)

    Number of triads (NId, G1, O1), where G1 in GroupSet and O1 not in GroupSet

  • OutGroupEdges: int (output)

    Number of triads (NId, O1, O2), where O1 and O2 are not in GroupSet

Return value:

  • None

Unexpected behaviors:

  • The data structure for GroupSet (TIntSet) is not implemented
  • GetNodeTriads method calls three sub-methods (GetNodeTriads_PUNGraph, GetNodeTriads_PNGraph and GetNodeTriads_PNEANet). None of these three are actually implemented, causing errors like “NameError: global name ‘GetNodeTriads_PNGraph’ is not defined”

The following example shows how to calculate the number of triads between a node NId and a subset of its neighbors GroupSet:

import snap

Graph = snap.GenRndGnm(snap.PNGraph, 100, 1000)
NId = Graph.Nodes().next().GetId()
GroupSet = snap.TIntSet()

inGroupEdges = snap.TInt()
inOutGroupEdges = snap.TInt()
outGroupEdges = snap.TInt()

snap.GetNodeTriads(Graph, NId, GroupSet, inGroupEdges, inOutGroupEdges, outGroupEdges)

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