GetArtPoints(InGraph, ArtNIdV)

Returns articulation points of an undirected InGraph.


  • InGraph: undirected graph (input)

    A undirected graph.

  • ArtNIdV: TIntV, a vector of ints (output)

    The node ids of the articulation points in the grpah InGraph.

Return value:

  • None

For more info see:

The following example shows how to find articulation points in a graph of type TNGraph:

import snap

UGraph = snap.GenRndGnm(snap.PUNGraph, 1000, 10)
ArtNIdV = snap.TIntV()
snap.GetArtPoints(UGraph, ArtNIdV)

print "Articulation points of a random Undirected Graph : "
for NI in ArtNIdV:
    print "node: %d" % NI

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