Get1CnCom(Graph, Cn1ComV)

Returns 1-components: maximal connected components of that can be disconnected from the Graph by removing a single edge.


  • Graph: undirected graph (input)

    An undirected graph.

  • Cn1ComV: TCnComV, a vector of connected components (output)

    The vector of 1-components, each of which consists of a vector of node ids.

Return Value:

  • None

The following example shows how to get the 1-components with TUNGraph:

import snap

UGraph = snap.GenRndGnm(snap.PUNGraph, 100, 1000)
CnComs = snap.TCnComV()
snap.Get1CnCom(UGraph, CnComs)

for CnCom in CnComs:
    for NI in CnCom:
        print NI

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