GenTree(GraphType, Fanout, Levels, IsDir=True, ChildPointsToParent=True)

Generates a tree graph of Levels levels with every parent having Fanout children.


  • GraphType: graph class (input)

    Class of output graph – one of PNGraph, PNEANet, or PUNGraph.

  • Fanout: int (input)

    Number of children of each parent node.

  • Levels: int (input)

    Number of levels of the tree.

  • IsDir: bool (input)

    Indicates whether the edges should be directed or undirected. Defaults to directed.

  • ChildPointsToParent: bool (input)

    True if children should point to their parents. Only applies to directed graphs.

Return Value:

  • graph

    A graph of the specified type.

The following examples shows how to generate a tree graph for classes TNGraph, TUNGraph, and TNEANet:

import snap

Graph = snap.GenTree(snap.PNGraph, 3, 3)
for EI in Graph.Edges():
    print "edge: (%d, %d)" % (EI.GetSrcNId(), EI.GetDstNId())

UGraph = snap.GenTree(snap.PUNGraph, 3, 3)
for EI in UGraph.Edges():
    print "edge: (%d, %d)" % (EI.GetSrcNId(), EI.GetDstNId())

Network = snap.GenTree(snap.PNEANet, 3, 3)
for EI in Network.Edges():
    print "edge: (%d, %d)" % (EI.GetSrcNId(), EI.GetDstNId())

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