GenRndDegK(Nodes, NodeDeg, NSwitch=100, Rnd=TRnd)

Generates a random graph with Nodes nodes, which each have a degree of exactly NodeDeg.


  • Nodes: int (input)

    Number of nodes desired in output graph.

  • NodeDeg: int (input)

    Degree of nodes desired in output graph.

  • NSwitch: int (input)

    Average number of switches to make per edge. More switches means a more random graph.

  • Rnd: TRnd (input)

    Random number generator.

Return value:

  • undirected graph

    A undirected graph randomly generated.

The following example shows how to generate random graphs with control over the aforementioned attributes:

import snap

UGraph = snap.GenRndDegK(1000, 10)

DegToCntV = snap.TIntPrV()
snap.GetDegCnt(UGraph, DegToCntV)
for item in DegToCntV:
    print "degree %d: count %d" % (item.GetVal1(), item.GetVal2())

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