GenCopyModel(Nodes, Beta, Rnd=TRnd)

Generates a random scale-free network with Nodes nodes using the Copying Model. The generating process operates as follows: Node u is added to a graph, it selects a random node v, and with probability Beta it links to v, with 1 - Beta links u links to neighbor of v.


  • Nodes: int (input)

    Number of nodes in the generated graph.

  • Beta: float (input)

    Probability used in the generating process.

  • Rnd: TRnd (input)

    Random number generator.

Return value:

  • directed graph

    A directed graph generated using the Copying Model.

The following example shows how to generate a TNGraph using GenCopyModel():

import snap

Graph = snap.GenCopyModel(20, 0.4, snap.TRnd())
print "Resulting Graph: Nodes %d, Edges %d" % (Graph.GetNodes(), Graph.GetEdges())

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