CommunityGirvanNewman(Graph, CmtyV)

Uses the Girvan-Newman community detection algorithm based on betweenness centrality on Graph. Fills CmtyV with all the communities detected and returns the modularity of the network.


  • Graph: undirected graph (input)

    A undirected graph.

  • CmtyV: TCnComV, a vector of connected components (output)

    A vector of all the communities that are detected by the Girvan-Newman method. Each community is represented as a vector of node ids.

Return value:

  • float

    The modularity of the network.

The following example shows how to detect communities using Girvan-Newman algorithm in TUNGraph:

import snap

UGraph = snap.GenRndGnm(snap.PUNGraph, 100, 1000)
CmtyV = snap.TCnComV()
modularity = snap.CommunityGirvanNewman(UGraph, CmtyV)
for Cmty in CmtyV:
    print "Community: "
    for NI in Cmty:
        print NI
print "The modularity of the network is %f" % modularity

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