Quoting POTUS      

Explore how media outlets quote the President. Choose a speech from the list below to begin.
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This visualization is provided together with the paper

    "QUOTUS: The Structure of Political Media Coverage as Revealed by Quoting Patterns"
    Vlad Niculae*, Caroline Suen*, Justine Zhang*, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Jure Leskovec
    Proceedings of WWW 2015

Data and other information is available here.


    Click on a word to see all the quote variants that contain it. Links to the articles citing the respective quotes are provided. (Some links may be outdated).

      Color intensity corresponds to frequency of quotation: darker words were more frequently quoted than lighter words, and darker news sources are more active quoters than lighter news sources.

      After toggling the "Color according..." button, highlight color corresponds to hypothesized slant.Blue speeches and words were more frequently quoted by liberal leaning outlets, while red speeches and words were more frequently quoted by conservative leaning outlets.