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Summer Quarter 2013-14

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Our group has an exciting opportunity for a full-time Research Assistant during the Summer Quarter 2013-14. You will be part of a cross-functional Big Data research team, working on methods for large scale, dynamic graphs under the DARPA XDATA program. The position includes attendance at a hands-on workshop, where you will be interacting with the world's leading big data researchers and experts. The workshop will be in the Washington DC area and is expected to last about 10 weeks in the June to August timeframe. More details about the SNAP project are available below.

We are looking for a highly motivated student with any combination of the following skills and interests: big data, data science, network science, data mining, machine learning, and graph algorithms.

Please apply by filling out and submitting the form below. Apply quickly, this position is available until filled. Thanks for your interest.

If you have any questions please contact Prof. Leskovec at

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SNAP: Stanford Network Analysis Platform

Stanford Network Analysis Platform (SNAP) is a general purpose, high performance network analysis and graph mining library that easily scales to massive networks with hundreds of millions of nodes, and billions of edges. It efficiently manipulates large graphs, calculates structural properties, generates regular and random graphs, and supports attributes on nodes and edges. SNAP is being constantly expanded with new graph and network algorithms for big-memory multi-core machines with 1TB RAM and 80 CPU cores.

We are looking for students with interest in developing and applying network science based algorithms. SNAP is written in Python and C++, so extensive experience with those languages is a plus.

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